WiFi Toilet Brush Hidden Camera 128GB



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WiFi Toilet Brush Hidden Camera 128GB

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The WiFi Toilet Brush Hidden Camera is a discreet and functional surveillance device cleverly disguised as a toilet brush. Ideal for maintaining security and monitoring activities without drawing attention, this innovative product seamlessly blends into any bathroom setting while providing high-quality video footage accessible via WiFi.

Product Features
Discreet Design:

The hidden camera is ingeniously integrated into a functional toilet brush, making it virtually undetectable.
Perfect for covert surveillance and maintaining the aesthetic of your bathroom.
High-Definition Video:

Captures clear and crisp video in high definition (1080P/2K options available).
Ensures detailed monitoring and accurate recording of activities.
Wide-Angle Lens:

Equipped with a wide-angle lens to cover a larger viewing area.
Provides comprehensive surveillance of the bathroom space.
WiFi Connectivity:

Supports WiFi connectivity, allowing you to stream live video to your smartphone or tablet.
Compatible with both iOS and Android devices via a dedicated app.
Motion Detection:

Built-in motion detection technology triggers recording when movement is detected.
Sends instant alerts to your connected device, ensuring timely notifications of any activity.
Remote Access:

Access live footage and recorded videos remotely through the app.
Allows you to monitor your space from anywhere, at any time.
Loop Recording:

Features loop recording to ensure continuous monitoring.
Automatically overwrites the oldest footage when the memory card is full.
Rechargeable Battery:

Built-in rechargeable battery provides extended operation time.
USB charging for convenient and quick recharging.
Easy Installation and Use:

No complicated setup required; simply place the toilet brush in the desired location.
User-friendly app interface for easy operation and video management.
How to Use
Download and install the dedicated surveillance app on your smartphone or tablet.
Place the WiFi Toilet Brush Hidden Camera in the bathroom where you need surveillance.
Connect the camera to your WiFi network using the app.
Use the app to view live video, configure motion detection settings, and access recorded footage.
Charge the device using the included USB cable as needed.
Package Contents
WiFi Toilet Brush Hidden Camera x1
USB Charging Cable x1
User Manual x1
The WiFi Toilet Brush Hidden Camera is an ideal solution for discreet and effective surveillance, providing peace of mind and enhanced security for your home or business.

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